Ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangalore.

Ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangalore.

An approximately 60% of all cement concrete consumed by the building sector is primarily provided by ready-mixed cement plants. Ready-mixed cement’s popularity is on the rise while on-site mixing takes the toll. Why?

For three primary reasons: improved convenience, enhanced average quality, and economy. It is possible to deliver ready mixed cement wherever a truck can move. The greatest problem with site mixing is handling the cement from the mixer to the different laying points. At the phase of use, ready mixed concrete can be discharged right into shaping or handling facilities. Produced under factory conditions, ready mixed cement ensures the maximum possible quality.

With construction pacing up and abundance of suppliers for ready-mix cement coming into the market its difficult to find a supplier that qualifies all the criteria of quality and convenience. Not anymore! True Mix the finest ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangalore and a company run by skilled industry experts with over two centuries of experience in the heavy construction materials sector in general and in specific in the RMC sector. True mix concrete produces and supplies ready-mixed concrete to multiple clients such as constructors, developers, infrastructure firms, contractors and homeowners. Let’s discuss what makes us the pre-eminent ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangalore.

  • We have a highly committed and skilled-expert team with over two decades of industry experience. We employ peerless trained and responsible personnel at all levels. Our highly trained and competent workforce is well versed to operate any modern computerized equipment to its optimal potential without the loss of efficiency.
  • Our competent technical personnel enable us to present clients with customized mix designs as per their demand /performance criteria surpassing the standard norms.
  • We have a proven track record of serving reputed clients and extensive projects. Distinguished concrete technologists are involved from time to time to skill-up workforce and administer periodical equipment and process audits.
  • True Mix possesses “State-of-Art” entirely automated computerized concrete batching QCI certified plant to consistently produce extraordinary-quality concrete.
  • We at True Mix possess notable experience and expertise to set up and operate confined/on-site RMC plants. Adding to that we also own an extensive fleet of conveyance mixers. Your projects are important to us and we have the ability to fulfill high volume spills by dedicating and deploying sufficient and relevant supplies for seamless and timely completion.
  • Our plant is strategically located for timely service and our laboratories are completely equipped to carry out all related tests as per IS Standards. This gives us the ability to work parallelly with the project team to arrive at, and extend the optimal solution for site-specific challenges concerning concrete mix design, handling, and placement.

Why choose True Mix Concrete

We are a leading Ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bangalore and dedicated work has helped various crucial projects. All our raw materials are subjected to quality checks that adhere to approved test procedures. Even our ready-mix designs are extensively tested not only to meet but exceed acceptance criteria. For our client’s confidence and for our testing sample concrete is collected for every consignment. Below are some key points which you should consider while choosing ready-mix concrete.


You need to order concrete components for purchase if you want to use on-site machine mix concrete and stack them on your site first. There's a lot of processes that take more time in between. If the necessary materials are not delivered on time, it is sometimes extremely difficult to get the work done. But on the other hand, concrete ready-mix can save you from such hassles as we handle it professionally.

Efficient space utilization:

There's a range of storage products like rods, shuttering materials, bricks or blocks, etc. that take up a lot of space and you have to procure space for site-office, generators, hoist machines, etc. As a result of these, the options to stack concrete ingredients becomes a problem and messy to manage. Using ready mixed concrete reduces issues that may occur from more equipment being used. There are no cleaning and maintenance fees, for instance, or the risk of having broken machinery that could result in an expensive fine. We guarantee a high-quality mix every time at True Mix Concrete, regardless of the size of your project. We deliver promptly and efficiently and provide flexible shipping times to suit your needs.

Economical Benefits:

On-site concrete mixing method includes work on concrete mixing, transportation of concrete components and concrete mixing equipment and machinery that is very expensive compared to ready-mix concrete. Preferring ready-mix concrete over on-site concrete layering is therefore economical. Ready-mix concrete is one of the best ways to minimize waste. Because the on-site concrete mixing technique includes a lot of waste during the transportation of concrete making parts and ingredient mishandling during the mixing process.

High Volume and Best Quality:

Ready-mix concrete under factory circumstances is manufactured for accurate requirements. This guarantees that the product is of the greatest standard possible, with the same consistent quality throughout the blend. Our Ready-mix contractors are experts in this sector and understand what's required to achieve the ideal concrete blend for a guaranteed better pour which is better suited compared to an inexperienced on-site mix of workers.

Let us be a part of shaping your construction dreams. We have extensive products that you might be interested in visit us today for more detailed information or to request a quote from a member of our team.

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